Skin care

Medical skin care is for all skin types and individuals of all ages.

The first step of the medical skin care application is a detailed skin analysis to be performed by the  it’s specialist.

In this way, the skin’s needs and problems are determined.

Then, with the cleaning products selected depending on the skin type, the skin is cleaned from external factors such as dirt, oil, makeup residues and made ready for the peeling process.

In the peeling process, there are two types of peelings as with and without particles, are used and provide partial regeneration on the skin.

Peeling process is done using herbal dermocosmetic products and the skin is purified from dead cells.

The next procedure is called steam therapy. By using steam, the pores of the skin are opened and softened.

After all the blackheads and greasiness on the skin is cleaned, the skin is disinfected deeply by giving high frequency to the skin.

Medical skin care application should be repeated every 30 days to maintain a healthy skin and aesthetic appearance.

If the medical skin care is applied regularly, it makes important contributions to your skin health as well as the aesthetic appearance it creates.Skin blemishes and streaks are removed over time and anti-aging measures are taken. Your skin gets tighten and becomes stronger against external factors.

Oxygen Care

It is a type of care that is applied on dry and sensitive skin, also prevents the capillaries from expanding, providing shine, moisture, PH and balance.

provides oxygen regeneration and faster cell renewal.

Acne Treatment

General and regional skin care is done. In this treatment (with acne skin), it is aimed to clean the acne, regain the balance of the skin, clean it and prevent the formation of acne.

Stain Care

The stain often does not appear suddenly. There is a background story. After the causes are learned, the maintenance procedure is determined.

The most important situation in stain care is to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun and strengthen your subcutaneous barrier.

Capillary Vessel Care

After being exposed to extreme cold or hot weather conditions, your skin barrier becomes thinner and capillaries rise to the upper skin layer and become visible, this is often called chronic rash.

In this care, your subcutaneous barrier is strengthened and a healthier skin is obtained.