What is hair?

The Follicle Anatomy

A hair follicle, has a structure that descends from the epidermis (top layer) of the skin to the lower layers. Hair growth begins under the hair follicle. Hair root -the area where the hair starts to grow- consists of protein cells and provides its nutrition with blood vessels around it. As the number of cells increases and the circulation is well nourished, hair grows and reaches the surface.  Another important factor near the hair follicles are sebaceous glands. sebaceous glands produce oil that nourishes the hair and skin.

 The Hair Growth Cycle

The Hair grows from the follicles in cycles. This growth cycle consists of 3 stages:

1- Anagen (the growth) stage: the hair starts to grow from the hair root. it takes 3-7 months.

2- Catagen (the transition) stage: Growth slows down and at this stage the follicle shrinks. It takes 2-4 months.

3- Telogen (the resting) phase: Old hair falls out and new hair grows from the same hair follicle. Duration of 3-4 months.

What is the hair transplantation?

If your hair has started to lose its normal cycle and fall out, there can be many underlying causes. We can collect them under 5 titles.

1- Genetic factor

2- Eating habits

3- Geographical features

4- External influences

5- Stress

Within our modern life, although hair loss has increased, maintenance and new solutions have also rises. Hair transplantation is the application of high quality hair taken from suitable donor areas in the body for surgical transplantation to the desired area after the hair transplantation area is determined.

Compared to older systems, it has now become much more comfortable.