Beard and Mustache transplantation

beard and mustache are the parts that have been paid attention for many years.

Although the rarity of beards or mustaches does not seem like an essential need, it may be psychologically disturbing. a more uniform beard and mustache are trend for many years.

Our priority in beard and mustache transplantation is naturalness as in hair transplantation.

must be in the same direction as your existing, natural beard.

For the one who decided to transplant beard and mustache;

 we first put patients to consultation and examination,

Donor area for beard and mustache is again the nape part.

Then, if you decide on thetransplantation, you need to follow some rules.

1. stop using aspirin, flu remedies, vitamins and all kinds of hair-related products

2.reduce smoking and alcohol as much as possible

3.reduce green tea consumption.


after Detection of the area where the hair is shed the donor area analysis is done.

first imaginary beardline is drawn, by this way hair transplantation area is determined.


required blood tests are done.

Preparation & Sterilization:

patient and operating room are made ready (sterilization and patient information)


appropriate anesthesia is applied to the person (local anesthesia or sedation)

collecting the hair roots:

then we start to collect hair roots by applying the fue technique.we prefer single grafts as available as possible, which makes it look more natural.We put them in a sterile area filled with vitamin solution at the optimum temperature.

Time to rest:

we have a little break.

Graft Planning:

Depending on the number of grafts removed, the width of the area to be planted is determined. 

Line operation:

beard and mustache design line is made.

Grooving with sapphire tips takes place in accordance with the most natural hair outlet direction. planting process begins after the end of the grooving process.The priority here is to give a natural exit direction without scarring.

Placing the roots in the canals “the planting process”:

planting process begins after the end of the grooving process.

information about the next 6 month:

The patient is informed about the process by the expert after the transplantation. some sleeping positions are forbidden.then the patient is ready to go to the hotel or home.

the next day The dressing is opened and prp is applied to the nape area,by this way regeneration time is decreased.

On the 2nd day after the operation, the first washing process is performed. the washing process to be performed for 10 days is shown and the patient is good to go.

Between the 12th and 15th days, the tissues of the roots begin to fall off from the upper part of the skin. At this stage, the washing process is started by massaging.

and there it is. all you have to do is wait for 6 months.

We strongly suggest that pay attention to the use of essential drugs and vitamins during this waiting period.

approximately You start getting results in 8 to 12 months.

by using our treatment cure for three months you may support the hair transplanted.

and now you also became a member of jeluxx family who satisfied with results.